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A small philosophy of big emotions

Until recently you had to hide emotions. It was a form of weakness and in the more distant past even obscene. You keep emotions to yourself, even in a relationship. Today it is almost the opposite: those who still conceal their emotions are suspicious or out of step with the times. The ideals of our time are discussion and openness, and being transparent about how you feel is gradually becoming part of the social contract. Perhaps in our progress towards full transparency we are in danger of missing something that is crucial for human relations and has a high ethical content: the things that we do not discuss, that we tacitly include, that we see but do not bring up. Because sometimes speaking is too painful or letting things be involves a form of softness. Or because some things are just what they are and discussing them doesn't help anyone.

Inleiding tot de medische filosofie
De naakte Waarheid
Het empatisch teveel
Doordenken over dooddoeners

Polis, 2019

Zijn er nog vragen?

Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2020

Een kleine filosofie van grote emoties


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