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De Bezige Bij, 2021

Ignaas Devisch

In ancient times, fire was a source of fear and fascination. Numerous myths and stories were told and written in which fire was attributed to God or the gods. Fire turned out to be a powerful instrument. Once modern man, aided by science and technology, tamed fire, all problems seemed to be solved: control over fire and combustion ensured freedom and progress. What else did we have to worry about? We are now getting that carelessness back in our faces like a boomerang: the massive use of fossil fuels is sickening for people and the environment.

In Fire, Ignaas Devisch, inspired by thinkers such as Peter Sloterdijk and Bruno Latour, develops a new idea about the place of fire in our world. If we want to maintain our standard of living, we cannot do without a new source that maintains our freedom and prosperity without destroying the world and ourselves. The largest fireball in our galaxy – the sun – has this potential. Can we learn to truly embrace heliocentrism?

EAN 9789403114514



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