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De Bezige Bij, 2016

Ignaas Devisch

We work less, but we have more to do. We have more free time, but we sleep less. While we complain about the crowds, the hustle and bustle and the threat of burnouts, we plan our days to the fullest. In short, our time is becoming 'obese'; we cram everything and are no longer able to idle or do anything at all.

Anyone who thinks that restlessness is a disease of our time is wrong. For centuries, man has been looking for a way out of a problem that he himself has caused: a life that is too full. But is that restlessness really a problem, or is it one of our main motivations? Passion, creativity and desire exist by the grace of impatience, according to philosopher and physician Ignaas Devisch.

Despite all pleas to slow down and the call for spirituality and asceticism, this book stands up for the positive aspects of an immoderate life.




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