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Doordenken over dooddoeners

Polis, 2019

Ignaas devisch, Jean Paul Van Bendegem

We, humans, are mysterious animals. We walk tall, we make love all year round and we talk for ten. Not that we always say sensible things, because we often don't know what was said and we speak anyway. That's what they're called Death Eaters. Apparently they are meaningless, but nothing could be further from the truth. Death Eaters are sometimes also thinkers.

Jean Paul Van Bendegem and Ignaas Devisch look for the deeper meaning of 104 death eaters. From "as long as we are healthy" and "I'm not a racist, but" to "this is too crazy for words" and "yes, that makes sense": do we know what we are saying when we use a killer?

EAN 9789463104067



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