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De Bezige Bij, 2018

Ignaas Devisch

From Plato's allegory of the cave to the work of contemporary philosopher Francis Fukuyama? For centuries, one ideal has been paramount in the philosophical search for truth: the desire to strip the world of all veils and know it as it really is. The truth, as the proverb goes, must be naked, or it is not. We also find this ideal in hardcore pornography, which aims to portray 'real' human pleasure as explicitly as possible.

The more hardcore pornography wants to show the authenticity of sexuality, the more its theatrical character becomes clear. After all, anyone who shouts that he or she is enjoying is not enjoying, but is pretending to be enjoying. Just as the pornographic view of sexuality is doomed to failure, we will never be able to reach the naked truth, according to Ignaas Devisch.




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